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My Health, My Pharmacy, My Choice!
My pharmacy has helped me manage my medications for years, but they were not allowed to be part of the preferred network for my Medicare prescription drug plan! Why??

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Medicare D was created to give seniors many choices from which to choose a prescription drug plan and all of the plans are required to provide a broad network of pharmacies so that seniors will have access to a pharmacy nearby. However, many plans have developed what they call "preferred networks." These preferred networks are a smaller sub-group of the larger network that will allow seniors to have their prescriptions filled at a lower cost. The problem with these preferred networks is that the plan chooses which pharmacies may or may not be a part of the network.

If your pharmacy is not part of the preferred network for your plan, meaning you have to pay a higher co-pay to have them fill your prescriptions, it is likely NOT because your pharmacy refused to participate in the lower cost network. It is most likely because your plan REFUSED to allow your pharmacy into the preferred network.

Prescription drug plans should not be allowed to determine who may or may not participate in a program that is funded by YOUR tax dollars! Participation should be open to any pharmacy willing to accept the terms of the plan.